January 17, 2022

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Corona in India: – Doctors attack and die:

No country has been registered before Many corona deaths in a single day like in India Did yesterday.

A total of 4529 corona deaths have been reported, ifølge Washington Post, But at the same time there is reason to believe that the actual number is too high, due to insufficient reporting and low test efficiency.

India lags behind in worst weeks of epidemic According to Johns Hopkins University statistics. The curve showing the number of new cases of infection points downwards, but after infection, deaths come.

Now the pressure on hospitals in India is so great that those willing to save lives are subjected to violence and persecution by distrustful families. The New York Times writes.

CONTRASTS: Contradictions are best in India where the corona is exposed. While corona dead bodies are cremated in parks, the rich leave the country on private jets. I’m afraid it could get worse, Espen Naxstad tells Duclat. Photos: Photos: AP / NTB / DAGBLADET TV / FLIGHTWATCH / FLIGHTRADAR Reporter: Christian Roth Christensen
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More than 1000 doctors died

The newspaper reported that videos recently circulating on social media showed angry family members harassing doctors. Families are also said to have employed torpedo-like figures to scare doctors. Some have been beaten and subjected to violence.

– Everyone who comes here is tense, even a small problem can cause a big fight, and some people do not have enough understanding of the situation, says Dr. JA Jayalalithaa.

He is the president of the Indian Medical Association and says more than 1,000 doctors have died due to Govt-19 since the outbreak began last year.

A quarter of the deaths have occurred since the beginning of April. This year.

Jayalal further estimates that about 40 per cent of Indian doctors are infected with Govt-19 during infections.

Number: Thousands of women gathered for a religious ceremony in India, one of the worst-hit countries by the corona. Reporter: Bjørge Dahle Johansen. Video: Newsflare / Ab
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Ran out of oxygen

Named RK Himani, one of more than 1,000 doctors who have become part of the corona mortality statistics in India.

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He was the head of the gastroenterology department at Batra Hospital in New Delhi, the capital and largest city of India, treating Govt-19 patients for 14 months before dying before May.

Himtani was one of twelve people suffering from lack of oxygen in hospitals. The New York Times reported that Himtani died in early May when he was left with 80 minutes of oxygen at Batra Hospital.

– Oxygen finally came, but we could not save twelve lives, including my friend’s life. Shiv Charan Lal Gupta, director of the hospital and a longtime friend of Himtani, tells the New York Times that these days we feel very empty and helpless.

When Himtani’s body was taken out of the hospital, his colleagues, wearing full infection control equipment, attended the last trip.

Then they went back to work.

Descriptions: In India a respirator suddenly started burning and the patients in the room were evacuated. Reporter: Christian Wehass. Video: Cameron
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Dark logs

A total of 283,248 corona deaths have now been reported in India. By comparison, more than 600,000 people have died in the United States and more than 440,000 in Brazil.

However, experts believe that India’s actual death toll is much higher than reported.

The increase in infection was in 267,000 new cases in the last 24 hours. This is the third day in a row that there are less than 300,000 new cases, which is a sign that the infection curve is being confirmed, officials say.

At worst, more than 414,000 infections were reported in a single day, a world record.

In total, 25.5 million people are affected in India. More only in the United States.

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