January 22, 2022

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Corona died at home

August 11 was a happy day for American Lisa Stedman. The 58-year-old, who lives in Florida, was admitted by Corona and hospitalized for more than a week.

She has lost her husband Ron Stedman somewhat badly – waiting to see him again.

But it is not like that. When she got home she made a terrible discovery, reports Washington Post.

Because when her husband did not meet her at the door, his wife was worried.

– Ron? Ron? Lisa cried without getting any answer.

– Like a horror movie

She heard dogs barking constantly in the bedroom, and when she entered the room she was afraid Ron would be dead in bed.

In the meantime, he tells the Washington Post that his body has already begun the process of decomposition. The dogs were not fed or watered for at least two days.

– I’m totally hysterical. It was like going to a horror movie, Lisa says.

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Not vaccinated

Died by Ron Corona. He and Lisa were not vaccinated.

– Both thought the vaccine came out very fast. How could they have tested it adequately? We wanted to be careful, not anti-vaccine, Lisa says.

The couple agreed to wait a while to get vaccinated. Lisa was rarely ill and only left home when she went to work.

Ron, who was responsible for making the couple’s mistakes during epidemics, always wore a mask and stayed away from large crowds, his wife says.

Home insulation

Ron first discovered the corona virus in early August, which also infected Lisa.

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Her condition worsened rapidly and she had to be admitted to a local hospital to be monitored. Ron felt better than his wife and decided to be home alone.

Stopped answering

A few days before Lisa was discharged, Ron said his phone was not working properly. At one point, when Lisa could not reach him, she called the police.

Police called her back to report that her husband was well, the department confirmed to the Washington Post.

When the call went straight to his answering machine on August 10, Lisa didn’t think much about it.

The next day, as soon as she was discharged, she told herself that they would be reunited.

Lisa never saw Ron alive again, but she reminded him in many ways and wrote a lot about her condition. FacebookProfile.