January 17, 2022

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Confidence in Biden – Viji

Confidence in Biden is declining

– Returned to the United States, Joe Biden successfully announced earlier this summer. He promised to repair the damage done by Donald Trump to the unity of the Western Alliance.

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Now Biden’s reputation needs urgent attention. Fame has suffered a severe setback due to Afghanistan. He appeared weak and unprepared in an area where he was expected to show strength and experience.

Biden wanted to show that he had all the expertise and knowledge of foreign policy that Trump did not have. The drop was huge.

For the first time in a short time, less than 50 percent of Americans think he’s doing a good job, according to average opinion polls. At the time of the defeat, some in Washington, DC were defending Biden’s tragic expulsion from Afghanistan.

Joe Biden.

Criticism also comes from European capitals. Can Europe trust the United States to protect its security? Or should Europe take more responsibility and become less dependent on the United States? They joined Afghanistan to fight on the American side. This is a bitter farewell to America’s allies.

Biden tries to control the damage. In an interview with ABC last week, the president said that US obligations to allies were completely different from US relations with Afghanistan. Biden said the United States has a “sacred duty” to respond if something attacks its NATO ally:

– Applies to Japan, South Korea and Taiwan.

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Is there a reason to include Taiwan in this group of countries? A spokesman for the Biden administration later had to point out that the US policy on Taiwan had not changed. There is a line called “strategic ambiguity”.

The United States supports Taiwan politically and militarily, although it does not formally recognize the island state. There is no agreement that would force the United States to defend Taiwan militarily if it were attacked.

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The bite was attacked from several teams

The Chinese media have pointed to the US fading in Afghanistan as a sign that Americans will not come to the rescue of Taiwan in crisis. The Communist Party insists that Taiwan is part of China and must be reunited.

China will not fill the power vacuum that will arise when the United States leaves Afghanistan. China uses US defeat for its value: US promises to other countries are not credible. American efforts to build the nation will always fail.

On a tour of Southeast Asia, Vice President Kamala Harris tries to put out the fire. Harris assures both partners and trade partners in the region that the United States is confident. The United States is on its side against an increasingly determined China. In Singapore, Harris said, China continues to intimidate and push through much of the South China Sea.

“Their actions continue to undermine world order and threaten the sovereignty of other nations,” Harris said.

Biden, like his last two predecessors, believes that advances in East Asia are important for the future of the United States. China poses the greatest challenge to the United States economically, politically, and militarily in the 21st century. The fact that the United States is focusing more on the East has long worried Europeans. So is the strong growth of dictatorial China.

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German Christian Democratic presidential candidate Armin Laschett described the final game in Afghanistan as the biggest defeat for NATO since the coalition was formed. EU foreign policy chief Joseph Borel described it as a disaster for Afghanistan, Western values ​​and credibility.

There have been heated debates in the British House. Conservative Tom Dukendat, chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee in Parliament, said the experience of Afghanistan should have implications for how the British are cooperating with the United States in future security operations. Mutual bias does not mean excessive bias, he said.

Europe is dependent on Atlantic cooperation and US security guarantees. Europe does not stand on its own two feet in terms of security policy. The United States spends more on defense than the total defense spending of the next eleven countries in the world rankings.

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Time pressure and the threat of terrorism

When Biden took office, the war in Afghanistan was lost to the United States and its allies long overdue. The Allies have signed a decision to end the NATO trip to Afghanistan. Most Americans wanted to leave Afghanistan.

Many of Biden’s political opponents demanded the same at home. In any case, this does not absolve Biden of liability. Even in the 11th hour of the war serious decisions were made. It was a chaotic retreat from Kabul. It happened on Biden’s watch.

Biden’s plan is to unite democracies in a strong front to withstand the pressures of Russia and China. After Afghanistan, the Western alliance must focus on unification: the fight against credible security, cyber security, more flexible communities and misinformation.

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The damage does not have to be irreparable, neither to Biden’s reputation nor to America’s reputation. But Biden has a big job to do to restore confidence.

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