January 17, 2022

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Compares Afghanistan to the humiliation of Vietnam

The situation in Afghanistan is increasingly dramatic, with Western allies leaving the country.

While the military presence is declining, the Taliban are advancing faster than anyone expected.

On Thursday, the Taliban seized control of major cities Kandahar and Herat, they move very close to Kabul.

The Pentagon is currently sending 3,000 U.S. troops to Afghanistan to help evacuate staff at the US embassy in the capital.

While many countries are now withdrawing their citizens and soldiers from Afghanistan, Americans fear they will have to experience one of the greatest humiliations they have ever experienced in recent history.

Taliban: Taliban militants patrol Ghazni, a short distance from Kabul.

Taliban: Taliban militants patrol Ghazni, a short distance from Kabul. Photo: AB / Kulabutin Amiri

“Fall of Saigon”

In April, US President Joe Biden announced the withdrawal of Americans from Afghanistan. Western allies have not succeeded in creating a stable situation in the country.

Many now fear that a full-scale civil war will erupt once Western allies withdraw all their forces.

For Americans, the failed mission has evoked memories of the humiliating defeat in Vietnam.

The United States invaded Vietnam in 1955 with the aim of combating post-war communist rule.

20 years later, the superpower had to put its tail between its legs and hastily expel the soldiers.

Deacon control: North Vietnamese forces seized control of Saigon in April 1975, the day the Americans were forced to evacuate the city.

Deacon Control: North Vietnamese forces captured Sigon in April 1975, the day the Americans had to evacuate the city. Photo: AFP

In April 1975, Saigon, the capital of South Vietnam, fell.

Helicopters landed on the roofs of embassies to evacuate both soldiers and civilians, while North Vietnamese forces rolled into the city with armored vehicles.

– Sends us towards even worse humiliation

Donald Trump was the first to signal that the United States would end its military presence in Afghanistan, but Biden announced in April that the entire U.S. force would be withdrawn from Afghanistan by 9/11.

Biden is now being criticized by Republicans and former members of the Trump administration for the force evacuation process.

“President Biden’s decisions send us back to the humiliating days surrounding Saigon’s fall in 1975. President Biden has now found that the quickest way to end the war is to lose it,” said Republican Senate President Mitch McConnell.

He called on Biden to send more US reinforcements in support of the Afghan security forces.

Without it, the Taliban could have celebrated the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks by burning our embassy in Kabul.

THE PRESIDENT: Joe Biden is in his position and believes it is right to expel the United States from Afghanistan.

THE PRESIDENT: Joe Biden is in his position and believes it is right to expel the United States from Afghanistan. Photo: Susan Walsh

America’s longest war

Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo believes the withdrawal of troops has failed.

– Sounds like a little panic. I hope they have the right number of people to complete the task and they will get there quickly, says Pompeo.

Biden said he did not regret the decision to withdraw troops from Afghanistan, pointing out that the United States had spent billions of dollars on the operation and that thousands of Americans had lost their lives. -War in America.

Even if they leave the country, the United States still provides food and pay for Afghan security forces.

U.S. media reports say the evacuation is about 95 percent complete.

Norway is also closing

Many countries are now expelling their citizens from Kabul.

On Friday, Foreign Minister Ine Eriksen announced that Norway would temporarily close its embassy in Kabul.

Denmark, Finland and Germany do the same.

Asked by TV2 if NATO’s mission in Afghanistan had failed, Serid said it turned out to be a recognition that the deterioration surrounding the country’s security situation was progressing faster than expected.

– We expected this to be complicated by the withdrawal of international powers. But it went faster and was more comprehensive than we expected.

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