October 23, 2021

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Climate change: – – I worry

A heat record changes the next day in the western United States. The risk of heat record breaking previous records and triggering wildfires is drastically increasing.

All emergency and rescue services in many states are now on alert to deal with things to come.

Dramatic: Dozens of wildfires are spreading in California in western America. Video: NTP Scanfix
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– Not natural

Researchers have long warned of this crisis, and now they see their studies and models becoming a reality.

– It is clear that what we are experiencing now is not natural. Paleoclimatologist Kathleen Johnson says this is undoubtedly man-made. Defender.

The heat wave that devastated the United States simultaneously broke hundreds of temperature records, exacerbating the country’s already historic drought, producing intense wildfire land throughout the summer and fall.

Burns: Wildfires caused by the force of violence and catastrophic effects in the United States in 2020: This film comes from Madeira County, California.  Photo: AFP / NTB.
Burner: By 2020, a wildfire caused by the force of violence and catastrophic consequences in the United States: This film came from Madeira County, California. Photo: AFP / NTB.
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Deadly heat wave

He writes that more than 40 million Americans need to be prepared for a prolonged and dangerous heat wave CNN.

Salt Lake City reached 107 Fahrenheit on June 15, equivalent to 42 degrees Celsius. It measured 46.1 degrees in Phoenix and 49.4 degrees in California. These are the new record levels for June.

Hot and dry

The heat wave and the exceptional drought in the southwest are detrimental due to climate change and are part of the so-called “feedback ring”: it warms and dries up. It dries, heats up, the website writes Energy and climate.

– I’m worried about this summer – it’s not exactly what we would expect with fire and bad drought. This current drought will be the worst we have seen in at least 1200 years. The cause is directly related to human-caused climate change, says Kathleen Johnson, a professor at the University of California.

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Low water: Drought has led to very low water levels in many water bodies and lakes.  Photo from Lake Mead near Las Vegas, Nevada Photo: REUTERS / NTB.
Low water: Drought has led to very low water levels in many water bodies and lakes. Photo from Lake Mead near Las Vegas, Nevada Photo: REUTERS / NTB.
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In April, California Governor Gavin Newsom declared a drought disaster in 41 of California’s 58 districts. $ 5.1 billion has been allocated to protect the water supply and the government has purchased six new helicopters to put out wildfires.

May collapse

Now that the temperature has risen to about 40 degrees, Governor Gavin Newsom has asked people to be careful, and Control the use of electricity Evening. The reason is that the demand and load on the power grid becomes so large that it breaks down. Many hydropower plants are at risk of closure due to the drought. This will put pressure on the power grid in the middle of the hottest part of summer.

If the drought in the western United States, the water level in California’s 1,500 reservoirs is only half that of a normal year.

Disaster like last year

By 2020, wildfires in California had extinguished about 16,000 square kilometers, and now the Rescue Division fears this season could be catastrophic.

The fire has already spread to several states, and California is now in full swing.

Disasters: The west coast of the United States has been hit hard by wildfires, and many people have died in Oregon, Washington and California. Video: Cameron
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– We are preparing to be forced to send wildfires at any time because it will be the hottest week of the year so far. We have been told that these are very busy days, says Eric Scott, a spokesman for the Los Angeles Rescue Service. CNN.

Climate scientist Catherine Hoho is not surprised by the development of extreme heat and wildfires.

– Extreme heat and wildfires are not surprising. But what you have previously seen only in your research studies and models is surreal, actually happening in real life. Catherine Hoho tells the Guardian that this is actually happening now, very fast, making me speechless.

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