December 4, 2021

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China: – Killed wife – Put in meat grinder

The case drew international attention in July last year when 55-year-old Xu Qouli described the disappearance of his wife Lai Hui without a trace after they left their home at midnight in the Chinese city of Hangzhou.

In several television interviews, Quoli sought information and assistance in locating his wife, and offered more than 125,000 Norwegian kroner on the inventor’s salary.

Confessed to the murder

Local police searched the apartment building where the family lived and were unsuccessful with 6,000 hours of surveillance equipment.

However, progress was made when police emptied the building’s septic tank and found traces of DNA from Hooli.

Thus the police decided that he did not leave the apartment in the dark of night. On the contrary, her husband was now the main suspect in the case.

Quoli was taken into custody on July 23 and confessed to the murder a few hours later, according to a police report. South China Morning Post.

In court, the prosecution alleges that Quoli encouraged and strangled his wife until the night of July 4, 2020. He then cut the meat into pieces with a meat grinder, cutting machine and knife before discarding the body parts. Toilet and trash.

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Many conflicts

They were married in 2008 and have a twelve-year-old daughter and a child from a previous marriage. Avisa writes that the person who informed the police that Huwili had gone missing without a trace was Suu Kyi’s own daughter.

The couple is said to have been involved in several clashes since 2018 – sometimes even violent fights. Quoli called his wife “useless”, saying he did not respect her.

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In court, however, Sue Quoli denied that his wife’s murder had been planned, and denied that the meat grinder and cutting machine he had bought a year in advance had been purchased for criminal use.

One afternoon he defended himself by claiming that the murder had been triggered when the couple used a meat grinder. However, the pair are said to have ended up in a confrontation the same afternoon.

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– Adequate evidence

The man’s bodyguard said he had been asked to examine the man’s mental health and wanted a milder sentence, but the prosecution said there was sufficient evidence that the murder was planned.

Prosecutors also argued that his family had no history of mental illness.

“I loved her, I hated her,” the man told the court South China Morning Post Added:

– Now it does not help to say that I am sorry, but I can say nothing more than regret.

The court decided that the verdict should come later, the newspaper writes.