October 23, 2021

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Chicago Kakehi – “Black Widow” Death Penalty

The Japanese Supreme Court has rejected the appeal of 74-year-old serial killer Sisako Kakehi, known as the “Black Widow”.

She writes that she was guilty of murdering three people, including her husband, and attempted murder Freedom.

The killings took place between 2007 and 2013. Kakehi victims were reportedly sentenced to death in 2017 for giving cyanide poisoning.

Dementia: Chicago Kakehi says he suffers from senile disease and therefore is unable to participate in a criminal case.  Photo: AP Photo / Kyoto News / NTB
Demons: Chicago Kakehi says he is suffering from senile disease and therefore could not participate in a criminal case. Photo: AP Photo / Kyoto News / NTB
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– Merciless crime

– Used a dating agency to get to know older men. After they made her believe, they fell victim to the poison. Judge Yuriko Miyazaki said at the trial that this was a ruthless crime based on a premeditated and strong murderous motive. CNN.


Cyanide poisoning is a very serious poison Cyanide. Very popular in cyanides Hydrocyanic acid (Hydrogen cyanide). Cyanide poisoning can occur in seconds. Can cause severe cyanide poisoning Coma, Seizures, Respiratory and cardiovascular.
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According to prosecutors, Kakehi received millions after killing the victims. He is said to have lost most of his wealth in the stock market and obtained a lot of debt.

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Sentenced to three murders

Police began investigating the case after Kakehi’s husband died in 2013, less than two months after the marriage.

According to CNN, the autopsy report showed cyanide in the stomach and blood. Kakehi was arrested 11 months later. There were also traces of cyanide on the body of a man who had previously been engaged to Kakehi, who had died in a motorcycle accident.

The victims were all between 50 and 80 years old. According to The Independent, six men died while in a relationship with Kakehi. He was convicted of three deaths.

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The rich, the elderly

The serial killer has caught the attention of the media. Kakehi became famous for chasing rich old men, so she got the nickname “The Black Widow” after the venomous spider that killed her mate after mating.

Kakehi is said to have had an affair with the victims when they drank the poison, CNN writes that the hereditary process has already begun.

The date of the execution is not yet known.

Kakehi’s legal team appealed the death sentence, arguing that he was suffering from senile disease and could not attend a trial. CNN writes.

In November 2017, the Kyoto District Court ruled in 2015 that Kakehi was suffering from senile dementia. According to The Independent, they still believed he could take part in the investigation because his symptoms were not serious.

His appeal has now been rejected by the Supreme Court, and Kakehi’s lawyer said the case was closed on Tuesday.