January 17, 2022

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Chaos at Kabul airport – many should have died – Viji

The Guardian reports that thousands of people have tried to flee Afghanistan. At least five people were killed, according to Reuters witnesses.


The Taliban’s rapid capture of Kabul – and later power in Afghanistan – caused panic among many in the city. At the Hamid Karzai airport, five kilometers from the center of Kabul, several thousand people were looking for a way out on Monday night. Defender.

Chairman Ashraf Ghani He left the country on Sunday.

Videos from the airport show people running into the terminal building and knocking on the runway. Someone with children in their arms.

Three witnesses who spoke to the news agency Reuters on Monday morning say at least five people have died inside the airport area.

This must have happened during the chaos when several hundred people tried to board planes away from the Afghan capital.

It is unknown at this time what he did to cause the fire. The Wall Street Journal Three people were killed in the shooting.

– Out of control

– Another cyclone moment: chaotic scenes at Kabul International Airport. No security. No, writes Chad Mohseni Twitter.

Afghanistan News Channel Dolo News All commercial flights were canceled at 07.39 Norwegian time.

The U.S. military says a car bomb had exploded at an Iraqi police recruiting center at Kisak, west of Mosul.

– The crowd was out of control. A spokesman told Reuters that the shooting was carried out to quell the chaos.

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Norway is involved in the evacuation process

All Swedish staff at the Swedish embassy were deported, while the departure of all Norwegian and Danish staff to Norway and Denmark was not guaranteed.

“I can confirm now that we fired the staff last night, but we are in a situation of eviction, so I do not want to go into too much detail about this for the safety of those involved,” said Foreign Minister Ine Eriksen.

From the U.S. team, the AP says there will be 6000 soldiers guarding the airport in a day or two. Everyone at the US embassy in Kabul is now being evicted.

The US flag was also removed from the embassy.

Chaotic situation at the airport

– Horrible, confusing scenes at Hamid Karzai Airport. People gather, nowhere to go. “Look at the situation of the people in Afghanistan,” says one woman, writes BBC journalist Yalta Hakeem Twitter.

At least three airlines report CNN They are now postponing flights or diverting them to avoid Afghanistan airspace.

Both Flydubai and Emirates have canceled flights to Kabul, with United Airlines flying across the country. An Air India spokesman told the US Channel that it was trying to operate flights to Afghanistan.

– Sadness

Many are now afraid of the future The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan Appears again.

– On behalf of my friends, I feel sorry for everyone who has hopes and dreams. I fear for my family and future, 21-year-old Marcia tells Viji By phone from Kabul.

Derje Waterdale, director of the Afghanistan Committee, is in Kabul.

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– People were so scared, I could see the fear in people’s eyes. What’s more interesting is that we are people who have failed in so many ways, and don’t even give me an ugly look, Watertall tells Viji.

Expelled with the help of the Danish

Danish Defense Minister Train Bramson Monday night through Monday Danish expelled a group of Danish and Norwegian citizens.

– I can tell you that on Sunday night, under very difficult circumstances, the Danish security forces succeeded in expelling a group of Danes and Norwegians from Afghanistan. I do not have further information about the operation, the statement said on the Ministry of Defense’s Twitter account.

The Norwegian embassy was evacuated on Friday, but so far 36 Norwegian paramedics plan to stay at the field hospital in Kabul.

The players are left behind

– I can never guarantee one hundred percent security, there is always great risk in military operations. We have also seen how chaotic the situation is, he says Eric Christopherson, head of defense for Viji.

Paramedics are parked at the airport.

Christopherson assures that if the situation worsens, there is a plan to evict them.

– The most important thing for me is the safety of the Norwegian soldiers at the airport.

Taliban boyfriend Amnesty

On 14 April 2021, NATO decided All allied forces will be withdrawn from Afghanistan By September 11th. The draw has already started in May.

Norway’s contribution to the “Strong Support Mission” (RSM) includes a special force contribution and medical contribution to the field hospital in Kabul.

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Special Forces Came home on June 26 this year. With that came a 20-year effort in the country. The Field Hospital in Kabul, which treats Western soldiers and diplomats, has 36 more staff in Norway.

– The Taliban have said they will open the airport, issue a general amnesty to Afghan forces and crack down on looting and violence. There will also be a conversation with the Taliban about how long it will be necessary to have such a hospital in the future, says Christopherson.

Sadiq: The situation soon deteriorated as the Taliban entered the city of Kabul and seized power. Photo: AFP