October 23, 2021

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– The people of Nicaragua are not likely to vote in a free election.

That is what UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michael Bachelet said on Tuesday.

“Five new opposition politicians arrested in Nicaragua”
“Opposition leader under house arrest in Nicaragua”
“Another opposition politician arrested in Nicaragua”

The headlines were taken from the news agency NTP over the past three weeks.

Five presidential candidates and nine leading critics of the Ortega regime have been arrested.

A protester holds a sign with the image of Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega " Ortega dictator" During a struggle in Managua

“Ordega – the killer – the thief – the dictator” it says in a poster. This photo was taken during a demonstration in Managua, the capital of Nicaragua, in 2019.

Photo: Oswaldo Rivas / Reuters

– This is a dictatorship

Vagard Pie, one of Norway’s leading researchers in Latin America, is concerned about what is happening:

All the candidates who try to stand up are expelled one by one, imprisoned and accused of completely meaningless things that no one believes, he told the NRK.

Today, probably candidate number five, he was included with all sorts of secret excuses. The judiciary will no longer function in the country, it is a pure dictatorship, he believes.

From hero to antihero

They are the ones who still lovingly support Daniel Ortega.

Daniel Ortega

Incumbent President Daniel Ortega is running for a fourth term since the November election.

Photo: Indy Okan / AFP

There are those who see him as a dictatorial president similar to the dictator he helped overthrow: Anastasio Somoza Diepol.

When Somoza was ousted from the presidency in 1979, his family ruled the country for 40 years.

Ortega was one of nine leaders of the Sandinista Liberation Front who helped oust the former president.

Daniel Ortega with Fidel Castro

President Daniel Ortega. Here he was photographed in 1985 with Fidel Castro, the leader of Cuba.

Photo: Arturo Robles / AB

In 1985, he himself was elected president, and Nicaragua became a progressive country. He sat for five years before losing a historic democratic election.

Since he came to power 16 years later, things have gone downhill.

Waggard bag

Vagard Pie, one of Norway’s leading experts on Latin America.

Photo: Guy Rune Quitstein / NRK

– In 2006, he was relatively democratically elected, but then the electoral body gradually disintegrated, Pi says.

He has changed the constitution to continue as president and has close allies in the Supreme Court and the Electoral Court. And he has ignored all opposition.

– Says my best friend in Nicaragua has become Ordega Glass Than Somosa, says Pi.

Bloody revolt

Then the struggles began.

They began in 2018 when Ortega wanted to reduce pensions for the elderly. Pi believes it was used as an excuse to take to the streets. They’re not really happy with the President. They have been around a long time.

It started quietly.

– For a long time they seemed to win, says Pi.

Our protesters are negotiating with Ortega. But then it turned out.

– He stopped the police against the protesters and eventually massacred more than 300 youths. Many went missing. Many were imprisoned. Pi says many were deported.

The protester was killed

On May 30, 2018, a protester was shot in the head during a demonstration.

Photo: Stephen Felix / A.P.

Report: Abuse is a strategy

A new report by Human Rights Watch says the regime is accelerating the use of violence.

– Arrests and other abuses against critics appear to be part of a larger strategy to eliminate political rivalry, and the report concludes that President Daniel Ortega will be re-elected for a fourth term Critics under attack ack According to NTB.

The regime and its supporters have clashed with journalists, lawyers, human rights activists and many others, many of whom have been arbitrarily imprisoned, the news agency writes.

The election is in November.

– Will anyone other than Ortega continue?

– He may be good at picking some innocent racers, but today there are no tough challenges for Ortega. He imprisons them, he replied.

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