October 23, 2021

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Branson, the owner of the Virgin Galactic, returns to Earth after going into space

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– 17 years of hard work to go so far, happy Branson said while congratulating his own team on the way back.

In 2004, Branson founded his own space company, hoping to fulfill his dream of going into space. On Sunday 16.40 in Norway, his spacecraft VSS Unity took off from the desert in New Mexico.

An hour later, the spacecraft returned safely to the runway, and Branson became the first person to go into space on his own spacecraft.

Slow bezos

– My life experience, said Branson during the company’s own live broadcast.

Branson competes with other super rich to set up a tourism industry in space. In nine days, US Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, 57, will go into space with his company Blue Origin.

Branson, who is 71 years old in a week, became the second person in space in his 70s on Sunday.

Rocket aircraft

Accompanied by a crew of two and three Virgin Galactic crew, Branson flew to the edge of space. VSS reached the Unity Room just before 5.30pm. There they can enjoy a few minutes of weightlessness and see the outside of the earth beneath them.

Branson’s concept is a small spacecraft that will hang under a specially built aircraft. It was carried high in the atmosphere, where it was released at an altitude of about 13 km.

The ship then flew the last extension of its own engine into space, at an altitude of about 85 kilometers. The rocket finally landed on a regular runway.

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Accelerated the journey

Before his company could bring in paid passengers next year, Branson should actually be leaving later this year. But on July 2, Branson said he would expedite the trip. He further insists that it is not yet a race and is not trying to beat the Bezos.

The Unity spacecraft is already engaged in space travel with three people.

– This is a beautiful day for space travel, Branson tweeted with a picture of the departing saga and space tourism rival Elon Musk.

Elon Musk, president of Sponsex and founder of Tesla, was one of about 500 spectators when Fran பிரான்ois’ spacecraft took off.

The previous day, Bezos had also sent a congratulatory message to Branson.

Different ideas

Bezos and Blue Origin focus on the most classic space rocket, which has a capsule that goes straight up. The launch vehicle lands alone, while the capsule lands under three parachutes, as the space capsules have done since early space travel.

Although Branson was the first, it is not clear which spaceflight was “the best”. Franசois’ journey is long, but the Bezos will fly more. Branson has several windows on its shuttle, but the bezo’s capsule has large windows.

Bezos has completed five times more test missions than Rocket Unity, but never with those on board.

“Holidays” for the rich

By the way, not only the “tour managers” in the room, there is a lot of money to spend on a dedicated flight. Virgin Galactic has sold 600 tickets for $ 200,000 to $ 250,000 each. That means it will cost about two million kroner to take part in a trip scheduled to start next year.

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Blue Origin has no prices or launch date for its commercial aircraft. The only “ticket” they ever sold went up for auction on July 20 to unknown travelers with pesos. The winning bid was $ 28 million.

Many tourists traveled to the International Space Station in the 2000s, but later with Russian rockets.

The rocket plane with Wrig’s Galactic founder Richard Branson and his crew on Sunday en route into space from New Mexico, USA. Photo: Andres Leighton / AB /