October 23, 2021

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Bolzano was admitted to the hospital

The president has been admitted to a military hospital in the capital, Brasilia, and is reportedly in critical condition. He is scheduled to be hospitalized for one to two days.

In many cases, the 66-year-old has said he struggles with hiccups that can go unchecked for several days

Bolzano is currently under intense pressure and influence in his home country. Already 15 months before the presidential election in Brazil, the president is threatening every day to cancel or cancel the election because of alleged fraud.

– They say I have no evidence of election fraud. They have no evidence that it will not happen, Bolzano said on July 1st.

Many doubts about the electoral system

A week later he went further. The president then told his supporters that the election should or should not be held without deception.

The background to the allegations is that elections in Brazil are being conducted with digital machines such as Bolzano and other leaders, and Donald Trump has often raised suspicions about the risk of election fraud.

According to one of Bolsanaro’s ministers, the president has instructed the federal police to find allegations of election fraud over the past 25 years and to find evidence to support his claims.

Satisfaction: An opponent holds a sign with the words

Satisfaction: An opponent holds a sign with the words “The vaccine in hand, food on the table”. There have been massive protests against Bolsanaro in recent weeks. Photo: Nelson Antoine / AP / NTB

Half criticize the president

Continued attacks on the country’s electoral system More than half of Brazil’s voters believe that for the first time, Bolzano is doing a “bad” or “pathetic” job as president.

According to a poll conducted by the Datafolha Institute, the response rate to these changes increased from 45 percent in May to 51 percent in July. The ratio of believing that Bolzano will do a good job is still 24 percent.

Bolzano is also in a very bad position when it comes to measuring up against former President Luiz Inacio “Lula” da Silva, who is considered his most important rival in the election. In the poll, Lula received 46 percent of the vote, compared to 25 percent for Bolzano.

In particular, the handling and vaccination of corona infections is troubling Brazilians. The Senate has launched a formal investigation into Bolsanaro’s handling of the epidemic, which could lead to a Supreme Court indictment, while the public prosecutor is investigating allegations that he did not stop a corrupt vaccine trade.

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