January 22, 2022

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“BlingTemmy” offers empty store shelves in the UK – VG

Thursday: Several empty shelves met the customer on Thursday at this supermarket in London. Photo: Justin Dollis / AFP

After the UK’s disinfection application “isolated” more than 600,000 last week to isolate themselves, many chains are struggling to deliver supplies.


The NHS, the UK’s public health service, announced on Thursday that 618,903 alerts had been sent to the country’s disinfection usage in the UK and Wales alone for the week to July 14. This is an increase of 17 percent from the previous week BBC.

That is, more than 600,000 people, Including Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Have been asked to isolate themselves for ten days because, according to the infection monitoring application, they are in close contact with someone who tested positive for Govit-19.

Missing: A supermarket employee is stacking soda on somewhat empty shelves on Thursday. Photo: FACUNDO ARRIZABALAGA / EPA

It is according to Andhra Thursday led to several empty store shelves in the UK. This time it was not due to hoarding, but to the fact that many workers who carry goods to large chains have been affected by what the British call a “pingemic”.

Except staff at food stores

On Thursday, it became clear that workers were in the food warehouses and food production of the supermarket. The call for isolation will be waived. Instead they can test themselves daily.

– If you get ping, you should go it alone. I know this presents challenges, and we also see warnings of scarcity that we follow. But the rules are clear and I think they should be followed, said Minister of Trade and Industry Kwazi Quarteng. BBC Thursday.

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Exemption: Many businesses want to test themselves daily without isolating themselves for ten days. Photo: Justin Dollis / AFP

While it was initially expected that employees in 16 sectors, such as health, transport and energy, would be exempted, Environment Minister George Eustis said. Sky News The exemption will only apply to employees on the Friday morning food supply chain. Privacy guidelines will ease some of the key roles for financial and public services.

He said he understood this to be frustrating, but stressed the need to control the rate of multiplication.

Expect more to come

Johnson has warned that after the UK lifted most of its coronary restrictions on Monday, the number of cases reported this week could rise further.

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In addition to supermarket chains such as Iceland that have difficulty with delivery, kiosk chain Fred A Manger has closed 17 stores and petrol station chain PP has closed several stores due to a shortage of gasoline.

– The next door neighbor knows if there is a corona

Telegraph I wrote about the warnings last week that this application could affect people who have never been in contact with infected people, as the Bluetooth signal can be recorded through walls.

According to a spokesman for the Ministry of Health and Johnson Freedom He denied that this was an issue for many.

Many believe the “Bling Demi” is only the result of an increase in infections registered in the UK after the spread of the delta variant.

According to the BBC, the application works, thus using the Bluetooth function, which determines if your mobile was within two meters for at least 15 minutes. Then you will be “pinged”.

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This means you are recommended to go alone for ten days, but not legally required.

Isolation is also reported for vaccinated individuals, but this is waived on August 16th.

Notice: As with the Norwegian Infectious Disease Control, the NHS test and trace will inform you if you have been near a registered infected person. Photo: Martin Keane / PA Wire

26,826,748 million Britons have downloaded the infection monitoring app associated with Norwegian epidemic control. A recent study by Yuko found that about ten percent of these sites were deprecated.

The UK and Wales have test and trace usage of the NHS, while Northern Ireland and Scotland own it.

What do you think separates isolation and loneliness? VG explains: