January 17, 2022

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Biden’s Afghanistan deadline could be extended – Viji

Helmet in Afghanistan: President Joe Biden has a short deadline to expel all Americans from Afghanistan in a timely manner.

August 31 is the last day for US President Joe Biden to withdraw all US troops from Afghanistan. Within 24 hours he will decide whether the deadline has been extended.


Now the big question is whether Biden will come forward to extend the deadline. At a press conference at the White House on Monday night, a U.S. press team sought an answer.

U.S. National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan says we believe we have time between now and the 31st to expel Americans who want to leave the United States.

August 31 The Taliban declare a “red line”. If it is exceeded it will have consequences. A Taliban spokesman told Reuters that no foreign powers had asked for the extension and that it would not be granted.

– Has the President decided that after August 31, more time will be needed to expel all workers and all Afghans from the country? A reporter asks.

Expelled: US Navy helps evacuate someone from Afghanistan.

– The President hopes that we will make significant progress. Tens of thousands of people have been expelled from the country. We hope today will be a fruitful day, and hope for tomorrow, even the next day. He will take this day by day and continue to make his decisions, Sullivan responds.

Is 16,000 step BBC Newsnight Deported within 24 hours.

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Authorities say they have been evacuating Afghanistan since the withdrawal of US troops, and they have been in daily contact with the Taliban about the airport and the situation around it.

Before the G7 nations meet on Tuesday, both France and Germany have flagged that they need more time. Biden is expected to respond before the G7 meeting, and it will be known within 24 hours whether the date has been postponed or not.

We are concerned about the date set by the United States for August 31st. French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian said Monday that more time was needed to complete the ongoing process.

The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Boris Johnson asks Sky News Biden and other world leaders continue to support the people of Afghanistan, do not run.

U.S. military spokesmen have told Reuters that if everyone is to leave by August 31, everything must go as planned.

Corey Shake, an American corporate thinker, describes Biden’s policy as “very cynical.”

– He challenges that we don’t care what happens. Preliminary polls will cost him politically at the front door of this shameful race.

The BBC has spoken to former Deputy Foreign Minister Munera Yousufzada in Afghanistan. She hopes the deadline will be extended.

– There are many Afghans who are insecure after the Taliban takeover. The will of the people of Afghanistan is that it should be expanded.