October 23, 2021

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Biden presses Putin to prevent ransomware attacks

Here, Biden and Putin meet in Geneva on June 16 to discuss ransomware viruses. Now Biden is starting to get impatient. Photo: Patrick Semansky / A.P.

A series of computer attacks on American companies have left socially important aspects unplayed around the world. Biden now threatens a counter-attack if Russia does not take action.

In recent months, there have been a number of extensive hacker attacks on socially important targets in the United States and Europe. Hackers use viruses to activate computer systems and demand redemption to drop control. According to US officials and computer security experts, the attacks were carried out by criminal networks in Russia.

U.S. officials say they have no information that Russian officials were involved in the massive attacks last week IT company Kasaya In Florida. However, the United States expects Russia to take responsibility for cracking down on hacker groups operating in the country.

The issue was first discussed at a meeting between Biden and Putin on June 16 Geneva. There, Biden warned that the United States would launch counter-attacks if Russia did not clean up.

Biden is optimistic

In an hour-long telephone conversation between the two presidents last Friday, Joe Biden is said to have shown patience in resolving the issue, writes Reuters. Then they talked on the phone for an hour.

“When a computer attack comes from his country, I made it very clear to him that even if the attacks were not funded by the government, we expect the United States to act if we provide them with enough information,” Biden said.

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Biden says the two governments have set up a direct line to communicate on a regular basis, “when each of us thinks something is happening in another country that affects our country”.

“I’m optimistic,” Biden said.

The United States has not said how it plans to respond to the attacks, but Biden said it would retaliate digitally if the Russians did not cooperate.

When asked by Reuters if it was appropriate to attack Russian servers used in the attacks, Biden smiled and said: “Yes.

Officials in both countries, however, disagree on whether the United States has formally sought Russia’s help in preventing the attacks.
A senior government official in Biden’s administration told Reuters that any retaliation could come soon.

– We will not signal that these measures are firm. Some of them are clear and visible, others are not. But we expect them to happen in the coming days and weeks, ”he told reporters.

Last weekend, all coupe stores in Sweden had to close because the cash register system was hacked by hackers. Photo: Ali Lorestani, DT / NDP

Affected Co-operative Stores

The ransomware virus has been used to shut down thousands of US organizations and companies around the world, triggering a number of high-profile crises.

Crashed on Friday, July 2nd Coupe’s cash register system In Sweden. All stores had to close last weekend. This is the result of the attack on Casey, which provides information technology systems to at least 200 US companies.
The Russian hacker group Revil has claimed responsibility for the attack and has demanded more NOK 600 million to publish system settings.

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Brett Gallo, expert on ransomware virus sier He was unaware of any other attack.

He compares it to the solar wind attack in December, when many companies and government agencies in the United States were attacked. The United States has blamed Russia for the attack.
The ransomware virus has also infected hospitals Ireland, Meat supply and fuel supply in Australia I am from the United States. Shortages, rising prices and petrol panic have hit fuel. Eventually, the company paid Colonial Pipeline About 40 million kroner for hackers.