October 23, 2021

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Belgian farmer shifts border to France when land is vacated – VG

HIT, but not for long: these stones represent the rift between Belgium and France, and they must stand in peace. Photo: David Lovex / Facebook

The Belgian farmer “stretched the border” while making sure to drive easily with his tractor.


A local historian was the first to discover that Belgium had suddenly grown to 2 meters and 29 centimeters. He writes that the boundary stone, which stood in one place for more than 200 years, was in fact moved a little further to France BBC.

The background seems to be a farmer bored on a stone standing in the way of his tractor.

The border between the two countries is 620 km long, which was formally established in 1820 by the Treaty of Crdrich.

– David Lavaux, mayor of the Belgian city of Erguel, tells the French channel DF1 that it is not a good idea to make Belgium bigger and France smaller. He says he himself was reasonably satisfied with the somewhat larger area, but his French opponent across the border completely disagreed.

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Nevertheless, enthusiastic cleansing makes the French and Belgians laugh.

– French mayor Aureli Velonek in a neighboring town across the border tells La Vox to the Nord that we can avoid a new border war.

Local Belgian authorities plan to ask the farmer to move the stone to its previous location.

If the farmer refuses, the case should go to the Belgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Franco-Belgian Border Commission should be convened. The Commission in question has not functioned since 1930.

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In addition, Mayor Lavaux said he would be prosecuted if he did not follow the orders of the authorities.