January 17, 2022

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Belarus – NRK URICS – US supports sanctions against foreign news and documentaries

– This outrageous incident, too, Mr.

Regime commentator Roman Pratasevich said in a video released by the government on Monday that he was guilty of inciting riots and hatred.

Belarusian regime critic Roman Pratasevich "Agrees" In the video.

In a video released Monday, regime critic Roman Pratasevich “agrees.”

The video was released on Sunday after Ryanair was arrested and taken away from a plane en route from Athens to Vilnius.

– I welcome the news that the EU is advocating for targeted sanctions and other measures. Biden says he has asked my staff to come up with appropriate alternatives to hold those responsible accountable.

– A Health

Accordingly Pradasevich’s mother wins Sweden Radio Zone called a hero. Now he expects the support of the international community, thus liberating the region.

It took a day for parents to figure out where the zone was.

The father, who has been our professional officer for about 30 years, lost both degrees and jobs due to his son’s journalism job. His mother says they disagreed with the zone’s estimates when he proved to be 16 years old. But when the son was expelled from school, despite high standards, they changed their mind.

– His father Dmitry says it is absurd that something like this could happen in the center of Europe. He believes more people than Belarusian intelligence have been informed of what is going on.

The parents are now deported.

Angela Merkel leaves the EU summit in Brussels on May 25

President Angela Merkel on her way out of the EU summit in Brussels last night.

Photo: Oliver Hoslet / AP / nTB

EU: This is a kidnapping

Leaseholders from 27 EU countries decided on Monday night to close EU airspace to Belarusian airlines.

EU leaders call forced diversion and landing abduction. In a statement, the EU called for the immediate release of Pradash. They have also decided to impose sanctions on officials involved in the operation.

Two minutes before landing in Lithuanian airspace, the plane landed by Belarusian warplanes in Minsk, the capital of Belarus. Minsk officials said there was a bomb threat from Hamas against the plane, but no bombs were found.

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