January 17, 2022

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Athens threatened by wildfires – Four arrested – NRK Urix – Foreign News & Documentaries

Eight fire engines, 12 helicopters and 300 firefighters were stopped in an attempt to contain the blaze.

One of the fires reached the suburbs of Athens.

– This is a difficult and dangerous fire, says Civil Defense Chief Nicos Hartalis Associated Press.

– The fire brigade had to work between the houses, he continues.

Firefighters at Dionysus, near Athens

Firefighters work in Greece in a burning car in the district of Dionysus, a suburb of Athens.

Photo: Yorkos Karahalis / A.P.

The news agency writes that more than a dozen houses have been burned and permanent residents evicted in the district of Dionysus on the outskirts of Athens.

– The house was destroyed. Many residents had to be taken to safety, Deputy Governor Vasilis Kokalis said in an interview with television station Sky while describing the situation north of the capital.


Greek Minister Michaelis Christosoides

Social Security Minister Michalis Cristosoidis says four people have been arrested in connection with a wildfire north of Athens.

Photo: Giannis Babanikos / A.P.

Police have received reports from the local community that some fires may have occurred in the Stamata-Dionysus region.

– Four people have been arrested and are now being investigated, says Social Security Minister Michaelis Christosoidis.

The detainee is suspected of collaborating with real estate developers. It is the principle of the police that the detainees have set fire to the bushes and forests to facilitate the construction of illegal houses.

Wildfire on the outskirts of Athens

Four people have been arrested in connection with a fire near Athens. Police suspect they are in contact with people planning to build a house illegally.

Photo: Valerie Cache / A.P.

The fire broke out about 30 kilometers northeast of Athens city center and is approaching the city.

Severe drought has been reported

Greek authorities and firefighters are in a hurry to contain the blaze. Now the severity may worsen in a few days.

Besides the increase in winds this weekend, even hotter weather is forecast to be 43 degrees on Friday.

Wildfires have broken out in many parts of Greece after weeks of severe drought.

Hot and dry weather characterizes many countries in southern Europe. Wildfires have broken out in Sardinia and Sicily in Italy this week. In Moux in southwestern France And in the region of Catalonia, Spain.

Wildfire near Athens

A pensioner has been watching the damage since the fire destroyed the neighborhood side. This photo belongs to the district of Dionysus on the outskirts of Athens and was taken on Tuesday 27 July

Photo: Yorkos Karahalis / A.P.

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