October 23, 2021

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Ask for false information on Facebook:

Clear text: Joe Biden speaks directly about misinformation from the liver. Photo: Brendan Smylovsky / AFP

President Joe Biden has issued a clear statement on what he thinks about the misinformation about vaccines spreading on social media like Corona and Facebook.


Joe Biden made it very clear to Americans that they should be vaccinated to prevent the spread of the corona virus. Time and time again he has made repeated calls and was called earlier this week He shot Olivia Rodrigo to the White House, Which will help reach young people with the message.

Vaccine resistance is high in some parts of the United States, and although vaccines are almost always discarded, not everyone can be vaccinated. The president today slammed social media sites like Facebook. He was asked how they react to vaccine misinformation.

– They kill people! He says the only epidemic that is going on right now is among the undiagnosed NBC

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Corona infections in the United States have more than doubled in the past three weeks

A spokesman for health officials said earlier this week that the reports were sounding All Corona prisoners are undiscovered, Or not fully vaccinated. No one who was fully vaccinated was admitted to the hospital.

Getting feedback from Facebook is not always easy, but after clear statements from the president, they came to the field and defended themselves.

– We have collaborated with officials, health professionals and researchers to actively combat misinformation about vaccines in COVID-19 and the public health service. So far, we have removed 18 million posts with false information about Covid-19, and removed accounts that violated the rules, while we mentioned two billion people to fix the information, a statement from Facebook said.

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