December 4, 2021

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Army assists in cremation of corona victims – VG

Cremation: Someone in full safety equipment confirms the cremation of Govt-19 victims in Kathmandu. Nepal has had the highest number of deaths since the outbreak on Sunday. Photo: Navesh Chitrakar / Reuters

Nepal has called on the military to assist in the cremation of people who lost their lives in epidemics after infection rates reached record levels.


VG has spoken with Dr Mamta Rimal, a doctor working at the private hospital Medicare in the capital Kathmandu, who fears that the situation in Nepal could be like that in India – or worse – in 10 days.

– Breaking the heart

– 88 people died with covit-19 in Nepal today, which I think is an unprecedented number, Rimal told VG on Sunday afternoon. At the hospital where he works, about 100 beds are filled with 14 corona patients.

Dr. Mamta Rimal in full safety equipment. Photo: Private

– We can not take much because we do not have enough oxygen. The situation is getting worse with each passing day. Rimal says it’s mind-boggling to say that sick patients should be sent home alone and that the country’s hospitals are overcrowded with intensive care units.

– Many die untested.

– A terrible taste

Dr. Rimal is not the only one concerned.

– What is happening in India now is a terrible forecast of Nepal’s future if it fails to curb these latest wave of Govt. To Netra Prasad Timchina, President of the Nepal Red Cross Society, earlier this week.

CNN Reports indicate that the number of daily infections has increased by 1200 percent compared to mid-April. Friday, the number of victims was 9196 – and accordingly Reuters 44 percent of corona tests are now positive. Nepal has heard of crowded hospitals, lack of oxygen and the world Many vaccines.

Confirmed: Dr. Mamta Rimal in Kathmandu fears that the situation in Nepal could be as bad as in India. Photo: Private

Nepal, which is sandblasted between China and India, has already vaccinated more than that Two million in population With AstraZeneca, but had to suspend the vaccination program last month because they did not get enough vaccines from neighboring countries. Fjellandet has a population of about 28 million.

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Fear that Nepal will be the “next India”: – The situation is getting worse day by day

According to the official statistics of VGs coronaoversikt As of Sunday night, there were a total of 3632 corona-related deaths and 385,890 victims in Nepal – or 1300.4 per 100,000 population. In comparison, there were 1600.1 infections per 100,000 in India.

Outside: A Govt-19 patient is being treated on the street outside a government hospital in Kathmandu. Now doctors in the country are warning that there are not enough beds or oxygen in hospitals. Photo: Niranjan Srestha / A.P.

PM: The situation is under control

According to CNN, there are now 20 daily outbreaks per 100,000 people in Nepal – or the same infection rate as in India two weeks ago.

But in an interview Channels Nepal’s Prime Minister KP says the situation is under control despite the spread of the disease in the country. Sharma Oli said on Saturday.

Army: Here in the capital Kathmandu the soldiers retire from the cremation of the victims of the epidemic. The photo was taken on Sunday. Photo: Navesh Chitrakar / Reuters

– We must say that the Govt-19 situation in Nepal is now under control. We are introducing drastic measures to control the situation and get oxygen and more beds and ambulances in cities in the intensive care units, he says in a TV interview.

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Expansion of Creator: In this crematorium in Kathmandu, this area is being expanded to care for all those who die of the plague in the poor mountain country. Photo: Prakash Mathema / AFP

In the same interview, the reporter mentions that major public events took place last month and that upcoming festivals have not been canceled.

India – like India – has allowed important ceremonies, political meetings and weddings during epidemics. In April, several thousand people would have gone to India to swim in the Ganges during the religious festival of Kumbh Mela.

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Govt disaster: India fears mutated virus

“The virus is changing very fast … what started in India has now come to Nepal,” said Ravindra Pandey, a public health expert. Reuters He said there would not be enough beds in late April and if the trend continues.

It has done so.