January 17, 2022

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All of New Orleans without power – Viji

The city is without electricity after the devastation of Hurricane Ida. The governor of Louisiana is now asking the national team for help, while the hurricane is weakening a bit.


  • One person has died so far after the hurricane. One person has died after colliding with a tree in Louisiana.
  • New Orleans, home to more than 380,000 people, and the surrounding area are without electricity ABC. Electricity now comes exclusively from generators, says NOLA Ready, the city’s emergency department.
  • Governor John Bell Edward has called on President Biden to declare a state of national emergency following Hurricane Ida’s landfall.
  • The U.S. National Hurricane Center has warned of catastrophic storms and strong winds in parts of southeastern Louisiana.
  • More than 600,000 electricity consumers in Louisiana have been affected by 02.25, according to power company Enterge.
  • Strength decreased after the hurricane hit the ground, and was now reduced to Type 3 hurricane as it approached New Orleans according to the AP. The maximum strength of the wind is still over 200 km per hour.

Type 4 hurricane Port Fortone in Louisiana struck at 7pm Norwegian time on Sunday night, causing extensive damage to the state overnight.

The governor hopes that a national emergency will make the state of Louisiana better equipped to take care of life and health.

– I hope the White House acts quickly so our people can get more help.

There are now dramatic reports from Louisiana about how the hurricane caused damage. The sheriff of LaForce Parish, which has a population of about 100,000, says it is not possible to make an emergency call to 911:

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There are a dozen reports of Coast Guard sinking boats in New Orleans, and smaller boats have been loosened from moorings.

The hurricane is moving towards the state, the state capital Baton Rouge.

– Stay where you are, don’t leave now, it’s too late. The weather is getting worse fast and I have to be where you are, Baton Rouge Mayor Sharon Broom said in a video message Sunday night.

Local channel WDSU received a video of the wind blowing off the roof of a hospital:

Louisiana Governor John Bell Edwards told Reuters that “Ida” could be the worst hurricane to hit the state directly since the 1850s. Sunday marks exactly 16 years since Hurricane “Katrina” struck New Orleans, killing 1800 people.

Sunday night photos can be found here:

Hurricane and hurricane warnings have been issued from Louisiana to the Florida border.

– Type 4 is a wind gust of 210-245 kilometers per hour, points out meteorologist Martin Granrod, who works at the Center for Meteorology.

– They seem to have a high storm surge. In some places sea level is expected to rise by three to four meters, a lot of rain is expected, a hurricane warning has been issued and they have warned of very strong winds. The meteorologist said Sunday night that air and water were the only things that often made the situation more dangerous.

On the main roads north of the coast there is heavy traffic, including large trucks towing fishing boats and cars with caravans and leisure boats.

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There are long queues at petrol stations and car rental offices, and the oil bases on the beach have been evacuated.

Unusually strong

“Ida” 2005 “Katrina” does not seem to take the same place.

– It may seem like the hurricane hit a little further west of New Orleans than Katrina did, so it will go better for that particular city. But a large area will be affected. Coastal and inland areas of Louisiana will experience high winds and strong winds. Many at the site have already been evacuated due to the power outage, Granret said at the Meteorological Center.

According to the meteorologist, the “Ida” area is now used for storms, but this is not the strength.

– We’re in a hurricane season now that lasts from June to October, so they’m accustomed hurricanes here. But according to American meteorologists this is one of the most powerful they have had in many years, Gronerod explains.

Exodus: Christina Borg knocks on the door of a house in Morgan, Louisiana. Here with son Jean-Luc (8) and daughter Olivia (10).

No time to exit

“Ida” has arrived very suddenly, and New Orleans Mayor Latoya Condell says there is no time for a full eviction.

He asked those who were likely to leave, others to strengthen themselves at home and be prepared for a long-term power outage because it would be a strong wind for about ten hours.

Ida is expected to enter New Orleans straight, then head towards Baden Rouge inland on a densely industrialized axis.

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Action is an important hub for the American petrochemical industry, which includes oil refineries, natural gas terminals, and chemical plants. There are also two nuclear power plants in the area.