January 17, 2022

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Airbin bans host for refusing to rent to vaccinated couple – Thaksin |

Australian Steve Carey and his partner wanted to rent an apartment in Victoria for a domestic vacation. When he tried to get to the apartment, the host must have asked him if he had been vaccinated for corona, The Guardian writes.

When Gary responded that he and his partner had received the first bite, the host must have replied that the couple could not be hired because he thought the vaccine could keep the virus from infecting them. This claim is completely refuted.

– I do not accept any person who has been vaccinated, due to reports of side effects, the host should have said before he continued:

– It also spreads to unknown people and makes them unhealthy. I’m afraid it’s too tempting at this point to protect my other guests. I apologize for any inconvenience.

Later, Gary informed the host about Airbin, but was told by a contact person for the company that there was nothing in their policy, which refused the hosts to reject the individuals who had been vaccinated against corona.

When the Guardian contacted Airbnb for comment, the company responded that it was investigating the case and barring the host.

“After completing our investigation into this case, we have suspended the current list,” Derek Nolan, Airbin’s head of public relations in Australia, told the newspaper.

– It is important that everyone follows official health advice from local authorities, while we continue to do our part to combat Govt-19, he continued.

The banned host Guardian did not want to respond to Australia’s requests.

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