October 23, 2021

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Air traffic control in Philippines – at least 45 killed – VG

A military plane carrying 92 people on board has crashed in the Philippines. Including three pilots and 5 crew, Reuters reported.


On Sunday afternoon, the Philippine Ministry of Defense announced that the death toll had risen to 45, Reuters reported.

The dead included 42 soldiers on board the plane and three civilians on the ground.

The Philippine security chief himself announced that the plane had gone down.

There were many young men who had recently completed their first training in the forces.

Five soldiers were not counted and 49 were rescued and admitted to hospital, the Philippine Ministry of Defense said.

– Emergency services are on site, and we pray for more lives to be saved, says General Cyrilito Sopezana.

The plane was carrying soldiers to be grounded on the island of Jolo in Zulu province, which has long been marked by a radical Islamic uprising.

Sopejana told Reuters that the plane missed the runway and tried to regain power, but failed and crashed.

– There is no indication that this is an attack. Our focus at the moment is not on recovery and investigation, he comments.

This aircraft belongs to the Hercules C-130 type.

According to The New York Times First launched in 1988, it was used by the U.S. Air Force until it was sold to the Philippines in January this year.

Jameela Alindogan, Reporter Hose Al JazeeraHelicopters have been stopped to take the injured to a nearby hospital, according to reports from Manila.

– The C-130 is one of the newly purchased aircraft from the Philippines. The crash site is one of the largest bases in the Philippine military.

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