January 17, 2022

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Air and heat make it harder to turn off – VG

Many fires are spreading on the tourist beach of Turkey. The origins of several fires are now under investigation.


Numerous wildfires are spreading around Turkey’s famous Mediterranean coast. Several fires are said to be suspicious and an investigation is now underway to find out its origin.

– Erdogan’s communications manager Bahredin Altoon writes that those responsible for the attacks on nature and the forest will soon be held accountable. Twitter.

More than 60 fires are reported in different parts of the country in the past week Reuters. Firefighters are now working hard to contain the blaze, but strong winds and high temperatures in the area are extinguishing the blaze. So far, four people have been killed and dozens injured, the German newspaper writes Hurriyat.

– Turkey’s full potential has been mobilized. “All our teams are on the field,” said Turkey’s environment minister France24.

The Antalya area, a popular holiday destination for many tourists, has been particularly hard hit by the fires. The mayor of the regional capital, Antalya Muhit, believes that the fact that several fires started at the same time indicates that it caught fire.

– This refers to a murderous island, but so far we do not have enough information to establish anything, he is said to have said according to France 24.

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Heat wave in Greece: – Danger of wildfires and death

He was referring to four simultaneous fires in the forest surrounding the city of Manavkat, which has a population of about 100,000. Manavcot Resort is located 75 kilometers east of Andalia and 60 kilometers west of Alanya, and is generally a popular holiday destination for Norwegian people.

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The fire in the heartland is now under control, but it is still burning in the neighboring town of Azekseki. Hurriyat Early Thursday.

Here, in some districts, 80 percent of homes are burned, the newspaper reports.

It burns well in other parts of the country, including Mersin, a neighboring region of Antalya.

Holiday cities are affected

On social media, and on Turkish TV, there are plenty of pictures showing people escaping from cars and racing for life on smoking streets. The fires also led to large clouds of smoke that could be clearly seen in the distance.

Get help: The big wildfire hit both animals and people hard. Photo: KAAN SOYTURK / REUTERS

On the Greek island of Lesbos, the fire is clearly visible.

– Elizabeth Paulson, who is on vacation in the area, says white gray scales settle on tables and hair.

He says it is very hot in the area and it is not easy to put out the fire by judging by the fire.

– I ‘ve never seen this before, so it’s very sexy, but also scary, he says.

The NDP said Friday night that at least four people had been killed in a fire off the coast of Turkey. More than 180 people were injured.