October 23, 2021

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Agreement with the United States Arctic – VG

Page Page: In the fall of 2019, Foreign Ministers Ene Erickson Charlotte and Serge Lavrov met in Kyrgyzstan. Surite later received an invitation to visit Moscow again, but the corona epidemic prevented a new encounter. Photo: Kisl Otstadt

Russia says Norway is contributing to the militarization of the Arctic and is strongly critical of the US-signed defense agreement with the United States. The agreement allows US investment in several military bases in Norway.


According to the Russian Foreign Ministry, the agreement shows that Norway is deviating from the declared Norwegian basic policy of not allowing permanent foreign troops on Norwegian soil:

– Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov’s spokeswoman Maria Zakharova told a news conference in Moscow on Thursday that this was new evidence that Oslo was gradually relinquishing its self-control.

Agreement, as a government Released in April, Opens for US investment in airports at Rigge, Sola, Evnes and Ramchand naval bases in limited areas that can be used by all NATO allies.

Russia says the agreement shows that NATO’s military build-up in the Arctic continues:

“Since Erna Solberg became prime minister in 2013, Norway has increased its defense spending by 30 percent,” Zakarova said. Russian Foreign Ministry website.

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As expected

But the Foreign Ministry responds that this was exactly what was expected from Russia:

– Russia has always expressed dissatisfaction with the activities of the Allies in Norway and our cooperation with key allies. This time we had to wait and see, Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs Audon Holverson (H) sent an SMS to VG.

Conscious and destructive

Russia hopes that the increase in foreign military operations in Norway, especially near Russia’s border, is part of Norway’s conscious and destructive path toward serious tensions in the European part of the Arctic, destroying relations between Norway and Russia. Russian Foreign Ministry.

“Russia is open to more equal and constructive dialogue to build trust and security in the region because we have repeatedly informed the Norwegian authorities,” Zakarova said.

The security agreement between the United States and Norway will be awarded to Sporting this fall.

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Russia in February: Norway’s actions threaten regional security

Well known to Russia

Audon Holverson believes Russia has no reason to worry:

“Norway is a NATO member and Russia is well aware of our close defense policy cooperation with the United States. We want a constructive relationship with Russia. There is nothing new in the subcontract that is of concern in the Russian agreement. The Line of Reinforcement is well established in Norwegian defense policy and is well known to Russia,” he wrote in a statement.

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Russia responded before the peace march: Norway creates anti-Russian security

Submit: Russian President Vladimir Putin attends US President Joe Biden’s climate conference in April. The two countries have now indicated that the presidents could meet face-to-face after the NATO summit in Brussels in June. Photo: SPUTNIK via REUTERS

Listings ற்ற Friendly States

President Vladimir Putin last week ordered a list of “friendly countries” against Russia.

Norway did not stop An initial list It was leaked to the Russian media earlier this week. But many NATO countries, such as the United States, Britain, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and the Czech Republic, have done the same.

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Countries listed as “unfriendly” do not allow Russians working at their Moscow embassies to work domestically. This will hit the embassies hard. The United States has already warned that it will limit its visa service.

At the Norwegian Embassy in Moscow, half of the staff are local staff, including drivers, interpreters and office staff.

According to Foreign Minister Lavrov, work on the list is now underway and will be made public soon. It is unknown at this time what criteria Moscow will use to list “unfriendly countries”.