January 22, 2022

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Afghanistan under Taliban: – – Do not defeat Afghanistan again

Within two weeks, the Taliban had seized control of Afghanistan. Afghans feel deceived by their political leaders. They are scared and wonder what tomorrow will bring. This happens when Ayesha Wolesmal and most of the international community leave the war-torn country.

Volosmal finds it difficult to leave the country when needs are high.

The 33-year-old says the NATO war may be over, but for most Afghans it is the beginning of another chapter of uncertainty and unrest.

– Responsive and flexible

For the past two years, he has worked with UN and Afghan health officials to fight polio, but now speaks as an individual. She would have been on the ground, but was ordered to leave the country until further notice.

– Now there are various stories about how things are developing here from province to province. In Kabul, the situation seems relatively stable, she says and continues:

The Taliban understand what the world is watching. They want to capture the capital and sit in the Presidential Palace and appear responsible, cooperative and flexible.

He refers to the private television network TOLOnews, The Taliban’s biggest critics.

– TOLOnews Assured that they can stay. The Taliban were also allowed to come there and interview themselves by a female news anchor, who was allowed to retain her high office. The head of the channel confirms that they have been assured that their broadcast will not be aired from the Taliban. The Taliban have also provided security outside editorial offices. It’s not very clear whether this should make people feel like they have to shrug their shoulders, he says and continues:

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– Is there anything we have learned from what is happening now, all analyzes of Afghanistan have failed, so now it is wise for everyone to calm down a bit and watch what is happening. With the Taliban we will decide very soon which Afghanistan to get, he says.

At work: Ayesha Wolesmal is with her children in the Axin province of Afghanistan.  Photo: Private
In work: Ayesha Volasmal is with her children in the province of Aceh in Afghanistan. Photo: Private
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Need help

It took the Taliban eleven days to occupy the whole of Afghanistan. But this system is not coming from anywhere, it has been controlling most of the country for a long time.

– Now the Taliban may seem to be in control of the whole of Afghanistan overnight, but in practice they control 70 percent of the country. The big shock was their lightning strike against Kabul, Volosmal says.

In FIELD: Ayesha Wolesmal and a colleague work outside Jalalabad in eastern Afghanistan.  Photo: Private
I felt: Ayesha Volasmal and a colleague work outside Jalalabad in eastern Afghanistan. Photo: Private
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He especially appreciates NRC and their boss John Egeland.

– It is great to see them pushing and continuing their efforts in Afghanistan. They put forward demands on the movement and hold the Taliban responsible as the new rulers. In other words, you will not receive unconditional help. That’s the way it goes, she says:

– We must follow and notice. At the same time, the international community and the UN Act as much as possible, he says.

Armed monopoly

Volas Malcolm has contacts with friends, family and colleagues around Afghanistan.

– Social media gives a lot of conflicting news, so I based my analysis on the information of many independent sources. It is clear that the Taliban want peace in Kabul.

Rumors are circulating that the Taliban are going door-to-door with high-ranking officials in Kabul, as have those who worked for the resigned officers.

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– They bring weapons in search of houses and apartments where there are guards outside, so it is not easily accessible to most people. By disarming society it becomes clear that they want a monopoly of power, he says.

Panic escape

While the situation in the capital, Kabul, appears to be calm now, it was completely different when the Taliban captured the capital this weekend.

– Many Afghans heard that Americans and Canadians had taken everyone who wanted to leave the country, so there was complete panic. People flocked to the airport, but this is now being handled, says Volosmal.

The Americans and the Taliban want to keep the airport open. So, now there is unofficial cooperation between bitter enemies.

– Those who have been fighting each other for 20 years are now working together to get the airport out. Many in Afghanistan who want to leave are loyally helping the international community and standing shoulder to shoulder with the West. They feel a real fear and it is very important that they are expelled. Their safety should be taken seriously, Volosmal says.

Taliban 2.0

The Taliban do not yet have a limited approach to the issue of women.

– What the administration says in Doha does not apply to Fryablo or Helmand. So far there are completely different local solutions and approaches, Volosmal says.

In Kabul, the Taliban were in hospitals and assured doctors and medical personnel that they were needed. In Kandahar, on the other hand, they were inside the banks and asked the women to go home and send their brothers.

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The latest in the Taliban leadership is that they are encouraging women to become part of their new government. They say women will be allowed to study and work. Volasmal adds that they have removed the burqa order and will only demand that women wear the hijab:

Everyone wonders what the new nature will be. Wolosmal says the Taliban have changed or that this is a game for the gallery.