January 17, 2022

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Afghanistan, Foreign | Warning of terrorist attacks at Kabul airport

There is a continuing and high risk of terrorist attacks, British officials say of the airport in Kabul.

British, US and Australian officials are urging their citizens to leave the airport in Kabul following reports that terrorist attacks are at high risk.

Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, Denmark

British Armed Forces Secretary of State James Hippie told the BBC on Thursday that he had “very, very reliable” information about an immediate attack on the airport.

– I understand that this will lead to frustration by many who are still waiting to be brought out of the country, but we are not very careful. The threat, I can not go into details, is very immediate, reliable and deadly, says Hippie Sky News.

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British, American and Australian officials are urging their citizens not to go to the airport in Kabul because of the risk of terrorist attacks. Norway’s foreign minister describes airport situation as “occasionally dangerous”

Danish Defense Minister Train Bramson told Danish TV2 on Wednesday night that flying to Kabul was no longer safe.

The case is being updated.

– There is a constant and high risk of terrorist attacks. Do not go to Hamid Karzai International Airport. If you are near the airport, according to the updated travel advice of the British Foreign Office, retreat to a safe place and wait for advice.

They also say it is very dangerous to get out of the airport, and point to allegations that people have been abused on the way to the airport.

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Fewer and fewer flights

Thousands of people gathered outside the airport in hopes of being able to travel on one of the fewer flights departing from Afghanistan. Nearly 90,000 Americans and foreigners have been expelled since the Taliban captured Kabul.

Poland and Belgium are now completing their exits, with France announcing it.

Authorities in France say people cannot be evacuated from Kabul after Friday night.

Several countries, including the European Union and Norway, have called on the United States to continue protecting the airport after the August 31 deadline, but President Joe Biden has insisted that the deadline be respected.

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Serid: – Occasionally dangerous

Norway has not issued a specific warning, but Foreign Minister Ine Eriksen Soride (H) says he is aware of the threat to the airport in Kabul.

He says Norway has been in direct contact with everyone they have come in contact with – Norwegian citizens and others who need help when leaving.

– The situation around the airport is sometimes dangerous, and the individual must assess their own security situation, he continues.

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Fear of suicide attack

According to The Guardian, there are fears that a suicide attack could be carried out by an IS group that is hostile to the Taliban.

Jake Sullivan, national security adviser to Joe Biden, said Sunday that the group poses a real, serious and persistent threat.

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On Wednesday, the US State Department also released a Warning. U.S. citizens at the airport gate are being asked to leave the area immediately.

They are also asked not to go to the airport unless otherwise told by U.S. officials.

Australia also says there is a risk of terrorist attacks, otherwise it is asking people to move to a safer place.

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IS attacks the crowd

IS is responsible for the worst terrorist attacks in Afghanistan and Pakistan in recent years. Civilians are being massacred in large-scale bombings against targets such as mosques, temples, public places and hospitals.

Shia Muslims, in particular, believe that IS is extremist and that they are the target of attacks.

The Taliban and IS are extremist Sunni Muslims, but they are still rivals and fighting each other.

The Taliban promised a more compliant version of their government than the one that ruled their country last, but most have little faith in it and fear it will get worse.

Chaos and many more were killed

The large crowd that besieged the airport led to chaos and unrest since the evacuation began, while thousands of American soldiers struggled to defend the wall and gates.

Some people waiting in the crowd have foreign passports, visas or residence permits in other countries, but not many. At least eight people have lost their lives in the chaos.

Despite the confusion, the Taliban refuse to extend the deadline to next Tuesday, calling it the Red Line.

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On Wednesday, Turkey began withdrawing its troops, noting that the United States had abandoned talks with the Taliban to militarily secure the airport after it withdrew its troops.

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