December 4, 2021

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About 3,000 people gathered at Oslo Park – VG

On Saturday, police drove out to a park in St. Hanshagen, Oslo.


When we arrived at VG Park at 00.30pm, it was very crowded and people were sitting together on the grass in the summer heat. Music was played from the speakers brought.

– The park is estimated to have 2,000 people, police announced on Twitter shortly after midnight.

Two hours later, 2 hours ago, police said they believed there were about 3,000 people in the park.

However, Katherine Silju VG, operations manager for the Oslo Police District, said the atmosphere in the area was good.

– But there are a few more people there than there were last night. We are now around to try people to turn off the music systems, which is reacting to residents, he said VG.

Police say everyone who was ordered to do so turned off the music.

– We get feedback that there is a good distribution of people between the ages of 18 and 30, it is a big park, it is well distributed to the people, the operations manager continues, the operation manager continues.

People also ate on Saturday night at the city beach in Christiansand.

– A conservative estimate is that more than 500 people gathered at the scene in the evening and at night, writes the police in Akhtar. Twitter 00.30 p.m.

Actors police also left for a party at a private address in ChristianSand. There were more people than allowed by local corona regulations, and the police are opening a case in this regard. The homeowner is also told to finish the festivities.

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Police said there was no “full party” Saturday night in Guam, Westland County.

At 22.33, police were informed that the Russians had smoked most of the parking lot at the Gulboton Sky Resort.

They reported loud music on the spot where a total of seven Russian buses were.

– A whole party and a lot of people reporting police writing on Twitter.