October 23, 2021

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“A little nervous”. “Excited”. “The best day of my life.” “Like rebirth.” This is how it feels when the world reopens.

The world opens its doors again. Next to the country, life is like normal.

It’s totally unbelievable, tell young people ready to party on the way to clubbing in Liverpool. It feels overwhelming. Unreal. Rord. And very, very good.

– A young woman excitedly tells BBC Newsbeat that I spent three weeks choosing clothes for this party.

– The best day of my life, someone else is screaming.

It has been more than a year since the past. A long year. But it feels like an eternity since people finally disappeared from each other in a dance floor crowd. But this weekend, several thousand Britons can dance, drink and listen to loud music again – completely legal.

As one young man puts it BBC: You get more and more nervous. But first and foremost: excited and happy.

– It feels almost untrue.

The event, held at a large warehouse in Liverpool, had 3,000 people in the doorway on Friday and many more on Saturday. Photo: Carl Resine / Reuters / NDP

The party is one of several pilot projects to reopen the UK. Now the researchers are following the phenomenon closely to find out as much as possible before re-opening the waiting.

The United Kingdom is at the forefront of vaccinating people. But reopening is not the only place where people now notice how a little joy spreads like a virus across the country.

Tourists are returning to Venice

Italy is now gradually reopening after being closed again for six months.

There is a curfew order in Italy at 10pm. But the Piazzos resonate with the talk between Vespas and small cars until time closes.

– Reborn, Stefano Bolton, owner of Cafe Santa Margherita in Rome, has joined the news agency AP.

The question is whether this is enough to save the severely affected economy: Italy has been in the worst recession since World War II. So the authorities are under severe pressure to reopen. Italy began on April 26, while neighboring France waited until May 19 to gradually reopen.

Hundreds of corona infections die every day, and the epidemic has killed more than 119,000 lives in the country. But now the vaccine is going faster and faster. It gives hope – and little sign of normalization – in Italy and many other countries.

This is changing in Hungary

Hungary is one of the most severely affected countries in Europe, with the highest mortality rate in the world from Govit-19. Millions of people, according to the news agency Andhra.

But the authorities launched a large-scale vaccination campaign. It is the only EU country to use Chinese and Russian vaccines in addition to Western varieties. Hungary now has the second highest vaccination rate in the EU, and this weekend marked a new step in reopening the community – with benefits for those living with a vaccine passport.

Disneyland opens its doors

In the United States, four out of ten people are now fully or partially vaccinated. The reopening reached a new crossroads on Friday. Disneyland, California’s world-famous amusement park, reopens after 13 months of closure.

Four months ago, California was in a state of crisis. Hundreds of people die every day due to Govt-19 and hospitals are overcrowded. Patients were in tents, ambulances were waiting in line, NDP writes.

Today, the government has the lowest epidemic in the United States. More than half of the population has received at least one vaccine dose, and schools, shops and restaurants are set to reopen.

Vaccinated California residents and those from other states are allowed to come to the theme park.

Guests and staff at the amusement park were excited to see each other.

The staff stood up and welcomed the first opening day. But there is still someone to wait for Donald Duck & Co. to pay. A hug.

Many news reports say Americans are enjoying life and cooperation again: Sales of condoms are rising sharply.

Fully vaccinated Americans can take their bandages off again – unless they are in the middle of a large crowd.

Hope at home

In Norway, too, a lot of steps will be opened by vaccination in the future. The latest estimate by authorities is that all adults will be given their first vaccine dose by the end of July.

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With closed restaurants, cafes and shops and many more municipalities in Oslo still having tough activities, it’s even harder to imagine being able to stand near a nightclub. But there is hope for those who yearn for everything we never thought we would miss: to stand in a crowd on a long dock and feel the smell of sweat from strangers at a concert.

– When do you think we can stand like this, close together again at a concert, Espen Nuxstad?

– I think we can meet again in large groups without distant rules, when all adults in the population are vaccinated and we no longer have a significant spread of the disease in the population. No one knows when this will happen, but Assistant Health Director Nuxstad responded that we will be a long way closer to default in late summer and early fall.

The most realistic situation this summer is not the full release. Nuxstad believes we should have some infection control rules until everyone is vaccinated.

– Maybe we should continue after the infection with some routine like staying home when we are sick, he mentions in an email to Uptonposten.

What was he expecting from himself? Not primarily clubbing, perhaps. But society also loses the crown:

– I look forward to meeting friends and participating in events again when allowed.