October 23, 2021

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10 million new poor during epidemics – NRK Urix – Foreign News and Documentaries

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– When you lose your job, you can’t pay rent. So I came here and got a little space on the floor. Now I fight for life like everyone else.

That’s what Adriana da Silva says. Benha is one of the leaders of about 500 settlers in Brazil – a new slum on the outskirts of the Brazilian largest city, Sவோo Paulo. He worked at a cleaning company, but was fired due to infection.

The inhabitants of Favela built their simple houses themselves. They have often found objects in the landscape.

Adriana da Silva I Benha Brazil

Adriana da Silva is one of the leaders of the new Favela.

Photo: Ernst Stephenson / NRK

But sometimes people come up with things they don’t need. During the arrival of the NRK, a neighbor arrives with a full truck load of old construction materials.

– Adriana da Silva says we would not have survived without the heartbeat of others.

– We regularly receive food baskets and many gifts from the Universal Church. He told NRK that it was my job to distribute this among the people.

10 million more

Favela Benha is one of the strongest signs of the social impact of epidemics in the country of Brazil. Govt-19 disease kills more than 485,000, affects nearly 16 million Global metrics.

But the corona tragedy has had dramatic consequences for millions. More than 60 million Brazilians are now at the UN. They live below the poverty line of $ 5.50 a day. That’s about it 10 million more Before the epidemic hit Brazil.


Benha Brazil is one of many new slum areas built in Brazil during epidemics.

Photo: Andre Penner / A.P.

In the first months, authorities launched a comprehensive emergency relief program. More than 65 million Brazilians were paid close to a thousand kroner a month, which probably saved the country from a social collapse.

But by the New Year, help was over. New emergency assistance program launched this spring Not enough to stop the rise of poverty.

“Increased unemployment and loss of income for people without permanent jobs means many families are being evicted from their homes without being able to pay rent,” Larissa Laceda, a researcher at the University of So Paulo, told Reuters.

– I didn’t ask for more

Church of Toledo and Benha Brazil.

– I do not ask for more than staying here says Eculosa de Toledo.

Photo: Ernst Stephenson / NRK

I also meet Eculosa de Toledo at Fevela Benha Brazil. She is a mother with a daughter of severe autism and violence.

Sometimes she screams and turns. I have to ask the neighbor for help because she is big and strong. Once she smashed the TV. Mom says she threw it in the trash.

Eclusa de Toledo was poor before the epidemic. She never had a home of her own. When I ask about the future, she responds:

– This is the future. I have health, a place to sleep and a small TV. I didn’t ask for more. I thank God for this. This is the best, he says.

Every day new homeless people come to Pavola. One of them is an orphaned 19-year-old Point Elim.

I have been given the opportunity to live here and I intend to use it, ”he says.

– I’m out of work at the moment, use the time to build this shed. But the 19-year-old NRK said the goal was to get a job and build me a house.

Favlane Benha Leder to Alexandro Fernandez, Brazil.

Benha Brazil’s leader fears residents will be evicted from the property.

Photo: Ernst Stephenson / NRK

A new threat

The struggle for survival does not apply only to those who live in Benha Brazil. They have another deep fear – the fear of losing the property they live on.

The plot belongs to the Brazilian Free Church. The church leadership is now threatening to evict the residents. Alexandro Fernandez, the leader of Favela, is very worried:

– Nothing is certain. The only sure thing is, we have to fight. If we had to go out, it wouldn’t be without a fight, he said, to the NRK.

A poor community clings to the little they have, believing the church people will show them mercy.

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